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Tim Sparv, footballer

“I’m happy to be involved in this important campaign. I don’t think you can expect change if you don’t take action yourself. It’s important for athletes to participate more and more in social discussion. We all have responsibility for building a better and safer sporting world.

You hear news about racism in football almost every week. It’s been awful to watch my teammate Glen Kamara experience racist slurs on the pitch. The racist messages that young English football players received on social media after the European final were shocking. Football still has a long way to go when it comes to racism.

I hope and demand that large sports organizations step up and take responsibility. They have the resources, power, and a great opportunity to lead sport in a new direction. So that everyone in sport can be their true selves without fearing the consequences. We all have the responsibility to do better for sport, it’s too easy to just point at others and criticize them.”

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