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Aapeli Räsänen, ice hockey player

“Unfortunately, sport has been dominated by a certain toxic culture of secrecy which has created the perfect platform for sexual harassment and other human rights infringements. Luckily, injustices have begun to be highlighted and the situation has improved, including in ice hockey, which is somewhat of a conservative sector in sport. It’s self-evident to me to speak up for human rights, and I want to encourage other athletes to do the same. Athletes should have the right to take a stand, but sports federations and sporting management are responsible for taking changes forward.

It’s great that many associations and clubs have taken a stand on human rights, such as during Pride week. This sends a clear message to fans. If the sporting world were built over again from scratch, I would want it to be equal for all. My dream sporting world would be an emotional and physical safe haven. When you came to the rink, court, or gym, you would be able to leave your cares and concerns behind.”

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