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Linda Sällström, footballer

“I’m opposed to all discrimination, including racism and discrimination against someone’s gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity. These have no place in sport. People are equally valuable, and they should all be welcomed in sport.

Personally I’ve experienced harassment based on my gender. People have used awful, inappropriate language and made disparaging remarks about women’s sports. The structures of sport are also discriminatory. Recently, positive developments have occurred with regard to equality in particular. Another big thing is that national team contracts were made equal for men and women. It’s also been fantastic to see how the Women’s National Team have been highlighted in different ways in the media.

We athletes can take a stand, but responsibility ultimately lies with the decision-makers in sport. Change can be made more effectively where there is money and power. In the sporting world of my dreams, everyone would feel safe and welcome. Everyone would behave with respect towards one another, both on and off the pitch.”

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