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About The Campaign

The “Don’t break the game” campaign boldly highlights human rights issues in sport in Finland. The campaign’s message is that human rights belong at the heart of sport. Human rights issues can be found in both the structures of sport and in everyday situations.

A change for the better has begun both in Finland and abroad, as people’s understanding of human rights increases. The Finnish League for Human Rights wants its campaign to accelerate this. We embolden and encourage sportspeople, fans, and the wider audience towards a better sporting world, where we can all play sports safely and as our true selves. In addition to personal and world records, we also need to break the silence and prejudice in the world of sport.

A group of well-known Finnish athletes who have previously worked for human rights will be the faces of the campaign. The campaign is supported by sports bodies such as the Finnish Olympic Committee, the Finnish Paralympic Committee, the Finnish Coaches Association, and the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports (FINCIS). In addition, more than 40 sports federations and organizations, almost 30 other national organizations, and the City of Helsinki are also actively participating in the campaign. You can participate in the campaign on the Participate page

This is the first Finnish campaign to comprehensively examine human rights in sport. It is carried out in collaboration with Miltton communications agency. Photos has been taken by Jesse Väänänen (Snou Creative).

The “Don’t break the game” campaign is part of the Finnish League for Human Rights’ work on human rights issues in sports. The Finnish League for Human Rights began the Ihmisoikeudet haltuun urheilussa (Managing human rights in sport) project in 2020 with funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project has trained sports federations and other bodies in the fundamentals of human rights. We will continue to advocate for a sporting world that respects human rights in 2022.

More information:

Campaign coordinator Tommy Lindgren,, tel. +358 44 7420409

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